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Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Paradise Influenster Box

Hey Beauties,
Today I received a new Influenster box filled with lovely products like the new Tangle Fix by Goody, Dr. Shoals Inserts for Her,  Olay Freshness Cleanser, Suave Marocan Oil, and NYC loose pigment in purple.  I am very excited to review these products and let you all know what I think of them. I just opened the box so unfortunately I can't give any opinions at this time but in a few weeks I'm sure I'll be talking a lot more about them.

Out of all these products I have heard the most about the new Olay skincare line called Olay Fresh Effects.  I'm hoping it works nicely with my combinational skin and I can recommend it to all of you. It is specifically designed for oily skin so if you are oily it may be a good one to try out! Check out for all the info though.

All and all this is a short post I just wanted to let you all know about my new Influenster Box and what all I got in it! If you would like to become an Influenster member check out

<3 Amanda

Friday, August 9, 2013

Current Obsessions

Current Obsessions

Hey Beauties,
It has certainly been awhile, I was really trying to keep on top of this blog posting business but I have been so busy that when I do have a little free time, I want it to be just that FREE.   I thought I would give you a little post on my current obsessions, these are all products that are pretty new to my collection but I have been so happy with their performance with my clients that I needed to share. 

Lets just start with the Batiste Dry Shampoo, it is currently my very favorite because it does not give that white cast on brunettes and it smells so amazing! It is a must try for everyone.  

MAC Pro Longwear has been a staple in my collection for awhile but I just bought a few new colors for my clients after seeing how beautifully it works under the eyes. It does not crease on anyone, ever? yeah EVER even on mature skin! 

Naked Basics is just one of those pallets that everyone should own, really everyone should have a set of neutral matte shadows.  These shadows are soft and buttery and very highly pigmented. They also photograph beautifully! 

MAC lipsticks, when you try one you will instantly become obsessed! I love all the different finishes all though the cream and amplified formulas are my favorite.  Also this is silly but I like the weight of the tube. 

Up&Up (Target Brand) Maximum Strength Benzyl Peroxide for acne spot treatment.  This is my absolute favorite spot treatment. I have very sensitive skin and this product clears up even a cystic pimple over night! I highly recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin with occasional spots.  

Benefit Professional is amazing for people with large pores or if you have fine lines.  I don't use this all over the face but more of a spot primer usually around the nose where large pores are more common. This also seems to color correct a bit with the peach undertone.  

These products are all great and if you are interested in trying some new things this is what I recommend.  I use these items in my professional kit so they have been tested on multiple skin types and skin tones.  They work so well that I had to let everyone know! 

<3 Amanda 

Bits and Bobs:
1. Last weekend I went on a friend's bachelorette trip, so much fun! 
2. I have been talking with so many different photographers and clients this week excited for all the things to come! 
3. What is your favorite high-end foundation? I'm looking into additional foundations for my professional kit. 
4. In August I am doing girls night out makeup specials yay! 
5. Just saw the preview to Jungle Gold...hmm looks intense! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Boudoir Session/ Wreck the Dress Session Recap

Hey Beauties,
I've had a crazy weekend with a boudoir session on Saturday, and a wreck the dress on Sunday.
I love shooting boudoir sessions especially at The Winchester Manor over in New Market.  They have a beautiful little cottage just perfect for boudoir.  The girls over at *Caught You On Camera and I always have a wonderful time making shots look effortlessly gorgeous but with the upmost effort. You know those looks that say "oh I just woke up this way" are the hardest to create, you don't want perfect makeup but more of an undone "done" look.  It is crazy and I know our clients always think wow it really isn't easy being a Victoria Secret Model. Lots of "arch your back", "suck in your tummy", "stick out your booty" now do all of that at the same time without looking like you are straining or over thinking it all.  It really is so much fun though and the images get more and more gorgeous as the shoot progresses.  It is like the girls find their sexy about 15 minutes into the shoot. They get all the gitters out and just start working what their momma gave em!

* for more info on Caught You on Camera
I took this with my camera phone at the shoot!
Our client is giving these sexy pictures as a surprise gift to her hubby. 
On Sunday, I went out to a farm in Somerville to do a "Wreck the Dress" session with *Connie Wise Photography.  I did the makeup at Anna's wedding and after the wedding she asked me to do the makeup for her "Wreck the Dress" shoot.  She told me it was going to be on a farm and I had no idea what I was really in for but I really loved it out there.  It was like a petting zoo full of animals like snakes, raccoons, gerbils, and of course horses.  The owners of the farm were so awesome, it was like hanging out on an episode of Duck Dynasty.  I had a ton of fun and I really want to go back there, I even pitched the idea of hosting photo shoots in their barn area because it is so awesome and perfect for the rustic themed shoots. for more info on Connie Wise Photography 

They were trying to get the horse to move but she was just too stubborn

Anna pulled her dress up because she was so hot,
we were waiting on the horses to move.

Holding my little snake friend 
I've got a busy week a head so you can keep up with my via facebook .

Monday, July 22, 2013

Morning After Skincare and Makeup

Morning after skincare and makeup

Hey Beauties,
Recently I went to a Girl's Night In with some friends.  We had a great time, the wine was flowing, and the night went on with lots of laughs and tons of great conversations.  I was having such a great time I accidentally stayed out a little passed my bed time, OK a lot passed my bed time.  I got in about 12:45A.M.  Maybe you are thinking that is early by your standards but I have a three year old so I have to get my rest otherwise I'm not so cheerful in the morning. The next morning I awoke to all kinds of mayhem and had to get myself together in a jiffy. I have my go-to products that really make those mornings when you didn't quite get enough sleep more bare-able.  Here is what helps me after too many glasses of wine and not enough sleep. 

Let me tell you about this Kiehl's Eye De-Puffer, it is absolutely great and it is only $20 which is completely reasonable for a product this great. It has a cooling feeling and it is fortified with caffeine and Hibiscus Extract. Go get YOU some. <3

As I have talked about before Simple Skincare is one of my favorite lines of drugstore skincare. It isn't overly scented or fragranced only has a couple of ingredients and doesn't break me out.  It is great skincare for a really great price. If you are trying to focus on anti-age I would try Michael Todd Organic Skincare. 

When I'm tired it really shows in my eyes the most so I use this Bobbi Brown Corrector to really hide dark circles.  This works to correct the color of your dark circles instead of just using concealer to cover it up.  You can use the most heavy duty concealer to cover dark circles and it won't work but a tiny bit of corrector will.  I put just a little concealer over it to really get full coverage.  I like to even everything out with my Bare Minerals Ready Foundation.  Ready Foundation is quick and easy and provides medium coverage.  If you are feeling tired you should always perk up your skin with blush and bronzer it helps you to look more rested and youthful, in any situation always remember blush! Define your eyes with Jordana Fabuliner, it is super simple with lots of control unlike liquid liner.  Finish off your lips with a Revlon Lip Butter, I like the color Watermelon.  It is so pretty and really adds so much to the face.  

What are your favorite products for the morning after a LOOONNGGG Night? 

<3 Amanda  

Friday, July 19, 2013

Good Skin Day Makeup Part 2

Good Skin Day Makeup

Hey Beauties,
Yesterday, I posted about Good Skin Day makeup for the face.  You don't want to cover your skin up completely but you do want to compliment it by adding a few extra products on your lips, cheeks, and eyes.  You don't have to use all of these to have a complete and put together look but here are some ideas of products that I would use on myself or on a client.  

First of all focus on the eyes, by adding a little shadow on lid and some definition in your crease you can really add a lot to your look. I like the Sonia Kashuk, Eye Coutour Palette for pigmented neutral eye shadows.  Put eyeliner just at the base of the lashes to give lashes a fuller, thicker look.  Lastly, you should coat your lashes in a couple of coats of mascara. I love Revlon Grow Luscious, it gives such a nice natural look. 

Moving on to the cheeks I like to put a peachy pink blush to the apples of the cheek moving it upwards.  If you smile while doing this your blush may fall lower on your face than you intended when you are not smiling so I try not to smile while applying blush. When I'm doing a more natural look I don't do a full contour I usually just use bronzer to warm up my face I use bronzer only on the outer parameter of the face so that my inner face looks brighter and by doing this you also add dimension without contouring. I may or may not highlight sometimes my concealer does this for me and I don't need an extra product but I really love the Physicians Formula highlighting products, they have a large color range.  
Finally top off your look with lips, I can't tell you enough how much I love Revlon Lip Butters.  They are super hydrating, and very build-able with the pigmentation.  You can really go from a sheer wash of color to a full on color with these.  They also come in a full range of colors so you are bound to find a color that suits you and if you are looking for a nice red, try Red Velvet or Candy Apple.     

This gives your Good Skin an extra boost.  Remember that if you'd like to keep it more natural you certainly don't have to use all the products recommended and always shop your own collection first before buying a new product.  Not sure about using a highlighter and don't want to invest in one just yet? Use a champaign colored eye shadow with a blush or small brush and swipe a little on the tops of the cheek bones.

<3 Amanda 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Good Skin Day Makeup

Good Skin Day Makeup

On a "good skin day" makeup *Face*

good skin day

Hello Beauties,
On a good skin day, which is actually pretty often in the summer time I really like to let my skin show through, putting off a more radiant glow rather than a matte face.  This is a perfect combination of "good day skin".  The Garnier BB cream in COMBINATION to OILY is really great and like a completely different product to the original.  I really wasn't a fan of the original so when this one came out I was skeptical but it really is good stuff and dries down to more of a satin finish which is so nice for summer.  I bought mine at Wal-Mart because they sell the Medium to Dark shade and a Deep tone. Also as always if you try it and you decide it is not for you, you can take it back for a refund.  I have never had a problem returning makeup at any of the stores I recommend so don't waste your money on products that don't work for you.

Now the Mac Pro Longwear Concealer is great, it will NOT crease, apparently it is made with non-creasing technology? Anyway I like it, it is perfect for under the eyes, you can replace your eye primer with this stuff, and you can use it to cover blemishes.  You really don't need much at all, less than a pump will cover everything perfectly.  Try it out, you will probably fall in love! 

For me I don't set this with powder, I will spray a little setting spray like Urban Decay's All Nighter, or NYX Dewy Setting Spray and it stays all day without moving.  If you HAVE to powder then I advise only powdering your T-Zone that way you still have that natural skin appearance instead of a matte, powdery look. 

Come back tomorrow to see what I recommend for eyes, lips and cheeks to compliment your "good skin makeup". 

<3 Amanda 

Bits and Bobs
1. RIP Talia Joy, you were truly an awesome person to watch on YouTube and I will miss you
2. Lots of new business for Beauty Faces MUA :) 
3. My website will be launching very soon, FINALLY.
4. I have nearly read the entire Maskcara Blog
5.  My BFF is nearly due to have her baby!!! I can't wait :) 

good skin day

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunday Reading

Hey Beauties,
I spent all day Sunday reading a new blog that I am absolutely in LOVE with it is called MaskCara. To say that she is a blogger genius is maybe an understatement.  She has a great way of really sucking you in because she is just so darn relatable.  I feel like we could be best friends which is probably why I have been so hooked on her blog.  She wrote something that I thought rang so true with me the way she goes about buying new products which is EXACTLY the way I do it.  She said that when she hears about a new product she researches it thoroughly, reads reviews, and then goes to Sephora to test it out, then gets a sample to take home then tries it as long as a sample will last and then if she really feels like she can't live without it then she will return back to the store to buy it.  This is my process,  I have never been able to buy anything expensive haphazardly ever.  I get buyers remorse almost instantly if I just throw money away on a product that I'm not sure about.  Do you go through this same process? I thought I was the only girl in Sephora ever asking for a sample and reading a million reviews.  When you finally do buy the product and then maybe it isn't what you want, do you return the item? I always do if it isn't exactly what I was looking for even after all the trying.  The way I see it products are expensive and if it isn't exactly the perfect thing for me then I'm wasting the money I could have spent on something better suited for me.  My absolute favorite thing is to find collection sets or pallets because if it has one item that I know I want and then you get to try out a lot of different other products for the price you would pay for the one product you wanted.  QVC often has special values that are so nice because of all the products you get to try,  you don't have to tune into the demo all you have to do is jump on their website and order...kinda nice eh?

Anyway after reading all day yesterday I find myself wanting so many different and new products that I had never really looked into before.  After hearing such amazing things about Stila's In the Light Palette it is definitely jumping to the front of my list of products to test out.  It looks perfect for bridal so that is a big bonus.

check out Maskcara at it really is worth the read!

<3 Amanda

Monday, July 8, 2013

Streak FREE Nails

streakfree nails
Hello Beauties, 
How was your weekend? Mine was lovely and very relaxing. I picked up a few of those eyeliners from the Ulta sale.  While I generally enjoy Ulta their employees are sometimes hard to handle, they are a little on the gruff side, have you experienced that at Ulta? Anyway I like my eyeliners so I'm happy about that.  

On with today's post, I was recently reading MakeupbyTiffanyD's blog and she wrote about how to achieve streak free nails with those lighter color nail polishes.  I find that even the best white, pale pink, and lavender nail polishes always get streaky and no matter how many coats you put it just never looks completely opaque even with a base coat.  MakeupbyTiffanyD suggested putting one coat of your light color nail polish then one coat of a Matte Top coat wait a few seconds and apply a second coat of polish and finish with a fast dry, high shine top coat.  The matte coat seems to keep the streaks away without effecting the high shine.  I tried it out and it works so wonderfully,  you can use whatever matte top coat you choose.  If you want to try it out with a cheap option try NYC Matte Me Crazy,  it works just as well as the Essie brand and it is only $1.72.  I love the way this looks, you would never know they weren't done professionally. 

Do you have any nail tips/tricks that make your DIY manicure easier? 

To see the full blog post over on MakeupbyTiffanyD go here: 

Have a Beautyful Day! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Independence Day + Setting Goals

4th of July
Hello Beauties,

I hope you all had a beautyful 4TH! It was very rainy and not all that nice in general here in Alabama. We still managed a lot of relaxing, doing as little as possible, and having a great time with our family.  I originally had a whole makeup and outfit look planned out that I was going to post a picture of on facebook but because of the rain I decided not to go with it. I do plan a makeup haul soon, and I'm counting down the days until my new hair extensions get here, I ordered from, they are shipping from the UK so they take a little while to get to me but I had the time to wait.  I'm sure you will be hearing a lot about these in future posts, I hope it is good things!

Also on the 4th my husband and I set a few personal goals or just goals in general, how we want the next six months until the end of the year to go.  Last year he was working toward a career change and you know it happened last November and I remember mine was to incorporate harder workouts into my daily routine and I started and completed P90X.  This year we decided to do the same sort of thing as we were having breakfast we were discussing where we would like to be by the end of the year, my husband is studying for a big IT certification and he's hoping to take the test by the end of the year.  It is a big test that takes six hours to complete so it is a big undertaking but he hopes to be ready by November.  Then he asked me what my goal was and I thought about about it for .5 of a second and said I would love for Beauty Faces to become full time, build it into my career because it what I really love and it provides me with the flexibility to be with my daughter.  I absolutely love working with my clients, I feel honored when they have chosen me to be apart of their wedding or for a photography session.  It is such a special feeling when you are with the bride moments before she walks down the aisle and she's so happy to be starting a new life with the man she loves.  I love being there for all of that, and if I could enjoy that moment for the next 20 years I would be more than happy to do so.  Therefore,  my goal is to work harder, gain more clients, and build my business up even more.  This summer has been amazing so far and I just want to keep up the momentum.  I know if we work hard enough our goals will become reality.

Do you set goals on the 4th? What are some of your goals you have set for yourself?

Have a Beautyful Day! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Would you rather?

Would you rather?
I thought this would be just a fun post to do.  I think it may have been a tag awhile back but I haven't seen anyone do it in awhile so I thought this would be a good revival.

Imagine if you could only have one item over the other which would you choose?

1. Would you rather have foundation or concealer?

2. Would you rather have mascara or eye liner?

3. Would you rather have eyeshadow or an eye brow powder (pencil)?

4. Would you rather have blush or bronzer?

5. Would you rather have lipstick or lip balm?

6.  Would you rather have primer or moisturizer?

7. Would you rather have brushes or disposable sponges?

8. Would you rather have finishing powder or setting spray?

9. Would you rather have a hair brush or a hair tie?

10.  Would you rather have sunscreen or self tanner?

Now these are my answers, I hope you'll play along and leave your responses in the comment section!

1. Foundation, I can pack on foundation a little heavier in areas I need it more.

2. Eye Liner,  My lashes are long and black so I prefer eyeliner to add definition.

3. Eye Shadow, although that one is tricky for me since I don't like the sparse areas on my brows.

4. Blush, I'm tan enough (hehe)

5.  Lip Balm,  I can't stand for my lips to feel dry.

6. Moisturizer, I rarely need primer so it is something I can live without.

7. Brushes,  Sponges are great but I like to wear mineral makeup and I would need a brush for even application.

8.  Setting Spray, it really helps your makeup to last a long time and doesn't get cakey.

9. Hair tie,  I think I can rake my hair with my fingers but I don't know if I could deal with my hair in my face on those bad hair days.

10. Sun screen,  I really like to protect my skin against the harsh summer sun.

Bits and Bobs 
1. Singer Electric scissors are pretty amazing. 
2. Is anyone having trouble leaving a comment via mobile device? 
3. I keep seeing loads of pregnant women, they all look so cute + new babies are always awesome.
4. How are you beating the heat? Personally I've been relaxing indoors. 
5. Hot rollers are so good on second day hair when you want to be lazy. :) 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why You Should Hire a Makeup Artist

Do you have a big event coming up? wedding? special photography session? Well I'd like to cover the reasons why you should hire a makeup artist for these occasions.  Most people think the day of their special occasion they will be cool as a cucumber and be able to do their own makeup and hair without missing a beat.  Lets just say that when you want to look absolutely flawless we get so nervous we end up forgetting a crucial step and not looking our best. Lets face it, unless you are really great with makeup and hair it is worth going the extra mile on special occasions.

Lets cover special events first, what type of event are you going to? Themed Party or Wedding? In these types of events you want to have your makeup match the event.  If you are going to be attending a 20s inspired wedding you may need to dress the part.  You may not have the skills to recreate a 1920's flapper look but a makeup artist will have the knowledge, skills, and education to create the perfect look customized for you.

Choosing the right makeup artist can be a bit tricky, you want to choose the right artist for your personal style and personality.  I always suggest having several e-mail conversations, and having a trial with the artist before your big event. By having a trial you can test out the makeup artist's skills and get to know each other, for brides this is a MUST. I advise having a trial at least one month in advance. One month in advance is still enough time to find another artist incase you don't quite mesh with the person you've had a trial with or if you'd like to try a different look for your big day.  In a trial you must give the artist the chance to express her creativity with all of your ideas combined.  If an artist is unwilling to consider an idea without explanation, you may not be happy on your big day, but an artist should always try their best to work with you.

Get it in writing! After the trial and the bride or client decides she wants to hire me on for her big day I hand her an extensive contract so that we both know what is expected of each other.  We both sign and any additional ladies also having makeup done with me also sign a waiver for cosmetic allergies and photography.  My contract protects both my client and myself that way no matter how many e-mails have been exchanged we can both refer to this one document for what exactly is expected from both of us.

Although trials and hiring an artist can be expensive unless you are very skilled and won't be stressed doing your own makeup it is worth the expense to hire out.  Your makeup artist will help to calm you on the big day, be there to touch you up when you get emotional, and be there for your bridesmaids if you/they so choose.  In all of my weddings I offer a full days service complete with touchups so that everyone looks completely polished and cohesive.

Examples of brides I have worked on below. If you are interested in my services for a special event or wedding please contact me at

Some of my lovely brides 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

10 under $10 at the drugstore

10 under $10 at the drugstore

Hey Beauties, 
As you may know I love drugstore products there are so many drugstore products that are just as good or better than the high-end brands.  Here is a little list of my favorite little gems from the drugstore. 

(Left to right) 
1. Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner, these liners are smooth and creamy and the color selection is fabulous. 

2. ELF Eye Lid Primer, why spend lots of money on an eye lid primer when this $1 primer works just as well as Urban Decay.  

3. Maybelline Color Tattoo,  These long wearing crease-free cream shadows make the perfect base for eye shadows or wear them alone for a gorgeous metalic look. 

4. Ardell Demi-Wispies Lashes, These lashes are beautiful and they blend so well with your natural lashes. 

5. Covergirl Stay Fabulous Foundation is an amazing product that reminds me a MAC foundation except better. 

6. Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara, this mascara builds volume and length and is simply amazing. 

7. NYX Lip Butter Gloss, this has the moisture of a balm and the pigmentation of a lipstick. 

8. Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Palette, These shadows are so pigmented at an amazing price this palette is under $5. 

9. Maybelline Master Drama eye liner,  this eyeliner is so universal from lining your lid to your waterline it is perfect for achieving that dramatic, deep black line. 

10. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder,  Although the packaging isn't my favorite I love this powder it has a flawless finish, doesn't get cakey, and really lasts on the skin. 

I hope you try out some of these products they are simply amazing to say the least.  


Monday, June 24, 2013

Easy Lip Combo

Easy Lip Combo

Lip balm kinda girl? Think lipstick has too much color for you?

Here is a little trick to going outside of your comfort zone with color but still staying comfortable and feeling like yourself.  Pick up a pigmented lip liner, I like the Jordana lip liners found at Walgreens.  Line your lips and fill in a little then apply a lip balm or gloss over the top.  You will have a great color and it will ease your way into color without going over the top. I do this a lot with brides that are scared to go outside of their comfort zone with a lipstick.  A little color can go a long way in completing your perfect look, so don't be scared to try it out after all it is just makeup!

Friday, March 22, 2013

My Mini + Mini Haul

My little Mini Shopper 

My very mini haul

Today, I decided to drop by Ulta and pick up a few things (sorry for the bad pictures, but it is cloudy outside).  Well when I got to Ulta of course they were out of EVERYTHING! You know they should change their days they get stock or maybe the way that they order stock.  Their company really only sends them replenishment if they are completely out so that is hard on both the customer and the sales person, but that is a topic for another day.  At our outdoor mall where the Ulta is we also have a Sephora a few doors down so I just went over there to buy what I needed!  NEED? well I don't know about NEED but it was a want for sure.  I am so weird I actually got in the car and tried them out immediately.  The concealer is a perfect match for my skin tone and it is very full coverage.   The Ready Foundation all I can say is WOW!! The coverage is insane. All I needed was one little dab of the brush into the powder product and I could cover half my face. That was just my first impression so we'll see how it goes after I've used it awhile.  In my bag was a notice about a 15% off sale at Sephora so that will probably be the next time I go back to get a new product.  It isn't until the middle of April though so I probably won't be buying anything new until then.  I am hopeful that this brand I have come back to time and again because of my sensitive skin will remain good to me throughout all of their products and I will not be allergic and they won't cause breakouts. We'll see though and if they do Sephora is great about returning products even if they have been used. I'll keep you updated on how these items work out for me.

Have a great weekend Ya'll

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mascara /UHG SNOW

Hey Everyone,
Yeah this post is about mascara, but just wondering WHY? WHY? is it freezing? WHY IS IT GOING TO "SNOW"? I am kinda mad about that. I mean it is the end of March it is Spring! I want Spring Weather, NOW! ok RANT OVER!!!

So Mascara, then?
Recently I think I told you all about the Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara and how it really wasn't my favorite.  I just for the life of me couldn't figure out why it wasn't working the same as it used to, well then the other day I noticed this little metallic blue writing on the side of the tube that said "waterproof"!!! hahahaha no wonder I couldn't get that stuff off. Actually I feel like that stuff is more than waterproof, I couldn't get that stuff off my lashes even with makeup remover, coconut oil, soap, anything.  It actually reminded me of lash glue, so if you are out of lash glue in a pinch maybe you could use that instead? After days of discontinued use it still wasn't budging too much so I left a soaked cotton ball on my eyes for 5 minutes and finally it lifted.  Well you all know how much I love my drugstore mascara, it works just as great as high end, so don't listen to those "Pro-hags".  With that being said the other day I walked into Target and of course straight to the make up section to look for a new mascara that was tried and true....low and behold Revlon Grow Luscious was sitting there on the shelf calling my name in it's glowing green tube! Oh and did I mention it was also on SALE even better it was $4.59.  Let me just tell you that this mascara makes me happy right out of the tube from day 1.  It is actually really hard to find that in a mascara usually you have to wait for them to dry out a little so they go on nicely.  On the other hand some formulas are so dry that they dry up in a few weeks.  I've heard so many rave reviews and they are all true. I know myself though and I know that once this tube is finished I'm off to try the latest and greatest in drugstore mascara.  It is one of those products that I love to bounce around on. Do you have a favorite drugstore mascara you think I should try? Let me know and I'll put it on my list.

Oh and just FYI, I'm sure Lash Blast is still great in the regular formula and I plan on keeping my water proof for a few special times, like the POOL and BEACH!

Have a BEAUTYFUL day!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Summer Makeup

Summer Makeup

Bare escentual Ready Bronzer, Skinny Dip

Shimmer makeup Physcians Formula Shimmer Strips

Elf cosmetic
$3 at Target

Bare Escentuals lip gloss


NYX beauty product

Beauty product

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Everyday/ Photography Natural Eye Tutorial

This is a great eye look for photography and everyday, it gives the eye dimension without looking over done.  I used matte and satin shadows with just a couple of shadows with a hint of shimmer to give your eyes that perfect look for photography.  I used browns because most people look great in neutrals but you can do this same technique with any other color. If you have questions please ask I'd be happy to answer all your questions.  If you like these types of tutorials I'd be happy to do more or film them.

Products you will need: light matte shadow, medium beige shadow, chocolate brown shadow, cool or warm toned brown matte shadow,  liquid or gel liner, eye brow powder/wax, mascara,  eye lash curler.
Brushes: 1 small shader eye shadow brush, 1 small detailing eyeshadow brush, blending crease brush, pencil brush, blending brush.

Pop Bronzing Eye Palette  
closer image of the matte/ satin  shadows I used.
 Bare Minerals Eye Primer, Apply this all over the eye before getting started.
 Take a medium fluffy blending brush and apply the light matte cream shade all over the lid up through the crease and on the brow bone.
 Picture of the light shade applied on lid, through crease and up through brow bone.
 Take a beige shade and apply with shader brush through the crease creating a defined but subtle crease.

 Then using a shimmering white shadow and a small detailing shadow brush pop a little of the white shimmering shade into the inner corners of the eyes.
This white shimmering shade adds light to the inner corner making you look more awake and rested.

 Apply the satin chocolate brown shade with a crease blending brush.  Take this color from outer corner to the outer 3rd of your eye.

 The satin chocolate brown helps to define the crease without adding shimmer.
With a pencil brush take a deep cool toned or warm toned matte brown and concentrate shadow on the outer corner of your eye.
*no photo, but blend with fluffy blending brush to soften any harsh lines*
 I used a liquid liner (you could use a gel liner) and lined my top lash line.
 I created a slight wing on the outer corner just to give my eyes some definition.
 I lined my bottom water line with Paula Dorf, Baby Eyes Eye Liner, to give me a more awake look.
 I took a small smokey liner brush to line my bottom lash line. I didn't want a defined line so I chose this brush for the smokey effect.
 The eye should look defined but not shimmery.  The camera pics up shimmer and gives a flash back so if you use all shimmery shades your eye will look 1 dimensional 
 I used E.L.F.  eye brow wax and powder to shape my brows which is a must for framing the face.
 Brow is nicely filled in without looking drawn in.

Curl lashes, add your favorite mascara (I didn't use my favorite, but it was ok) and then finish the rest of your face with satin finish foundation, matte cheek color, matte bronzer for contouring, finishing powder, and lipstick.