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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Would you rather?

Would you rather?
I thought this would be just a fun post to do.  I think it may have been a tag awhile back but I haven't seen anyone do it in awhile so I thought this would be a good revival.

Imagine if you could only have one item over the other which would you choose?

1. Would you rather have foundation or concealer?

2. Would you rather have mascara or eye liner?

3. Would you rather have eyeshadow or an eye brow powder (pencil)?

4. Would you rather have blush or bronzer?

5. Would you rather have lipstick or lip balm?

6.  Would you rather have primer or moisturizer?

7. Would you rather have brushes or disposable sponges?

8. Would you rather have finishing powder or setting spray?

9. Would you rather have a hair brush or a hair tie?

10.  Would you rather have sunscreen or self tanner?

Now these are my answers, I hope you'll play along and leave your responses in the comment section!

1. Foundation, I can pack on foundation a little heavier in areas I need it more.

2. Eye Liner,  My lashes are long and black so I prefer eyeliner to add definition.

3. Eye Shadow, although that one is tricky for me since I don't like the sparse areas on my brows.

4. Blush, I'm tan enough (hehe)

5.  Lip Balm,  I can't stand for my lips to feel dry.

6. Moisturizer, I rarely need primer so it is something I can live without.

7. Brushes,  Sponges are great but I like to wear mineral makeup and I would need a brush for even application.

8.  Setting Spray, it really helps your makeup to last a long time and doesn't get cakey.

9. Hair tie,  I think I can rake my hair with my fingers but I don't know if I could deal with my hair in my face on those bad hair days.

10. Sun screen,  I really like to protect my skin against the harsh summer sun.

Bits and Bobs 
1. Singer Electric scissors are pretty amazing. 
2. Is anyone having trouble leaving a comment via mobile device? 
3. I keep seeing loads of pregnant women, they all look so cute + new babies are always awesome.
4. How are you beating the heat? Personally I've been relaxing indoors. 
5. Hot rollers are so good on second day hair when you want to be lazy. :) 

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