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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Instyler Review

Hello Beauty Faces,
Today I am having a particularly creative day.  I have been thinking up ideas for great posts and things I need to review.  I don't like to waste my creative days so here I am on a Sunday writing this post for you all. A cold front came through on Friday night and it has been rainy and cold but this afternoon it's only been chilly. I stayed snuggled up in my PJs for the better part of the day and that is just perfect for a Sunday. Then I decided peel myself up from the couch and get myself together.  I am now sitting here in fresh pjs, no makeup and perfectly styled hair.  My perfectly styled hair led me to write this post.

Here is some background info, a few years ago I coveted the Instyler mainly because it had just come out and it looked so awesome and I once saw a demonstration of someone using it at Ulta.  I was free lancing for Bare Minerals at the time and I wanted so badly to have the demonstration done on me but I couldn't be doing my hair on the job. Anyway, that year for my birthday my mom purchased the Instyler for me. This was a couple of years ago now since my birthday is coming up on Wednesday. I used the Instyler for awhile but I couldn't seem to make it work for my hair type. I really liked the idea of it but my hair seemed to be too coarse and too thick for the thing so I put it away in a box.

Fast Forward to today, since I received it my hair has changed a lot due to having a baby and probably getting a little older too. You know the drill things just change every year after the age of 20.  Anyway a few months ago I found it in my beauty box ( a box of items that I have put away because I don't use that often or because I have a duplicate).  I got it out and started using it and playing with it. It took me a few times to really get the hang of using it. After about a week I started letting my hair air dry, when I had the time to do that, and then going back with the Instyler to actually style my hair and I am very impressed with this product. It gives me the perfect looking "blowout".  There is really no other way to describe it, it looks like you took the time to round brush your hair and you are a pro at round brushing to get the smooth perfectness like you would get at a salon.    I can round brush my hair but it takes forever and I don't like to put that much heat on my hair but with the Instyler it really takes the work out of styling.  You run the Instyler through your hair and you can flip it under, flip it out, or curl your hair.  I personally like doing loose waves with it.  It makes my hair look like it has so much body.  I have used root lifting products then run the Instyler through my hair and it was gorgeous, it looked like "Gretchen Rossi hair", big and beautiful hair.

My final opinion on the product is that it does take some getting used to I think it is one of those things that only works with certain hair types.  The Instyler works best with medium thickness and medium coarse hair. However, it would work for long hair or short hair and could create some really pretty styles if your hair is short and stacked it would create such a great layered look.  I hear that it works amazing on ethnic hair if your hair isn't too curly and coarse. It has great heat settings and does get appropriately hot. I can't believe it took me so long to really use the Instyler regularly but now that I do I barely touch my flat iron or my blow dryer.  Less heat is better for my hair.  If you haven't tried the Instyler you should give it a try.  I would personally purchase from Ulta because the price of this appliance is $99 but they regularly put out 20% off coupons that work on the Instyler.  Also, I know that at Ulta you can return the item within 30 days and a receipt for a refund even if it has been used.  They have a pretty killer return policy.

If you have your own opinion on this product please leave a comment below. :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

High 5, 5 Products under $5

Hey Beauty Faces,

I see a lot of High 5 It's Friday posts on other blogs and I wanted to do a similar post with a twist. Lets do 5 products I love under $5. Here goes...

1. E.L.F Nail Polish (Python Collection @ Target) $2

2. Essence "Stay With Me Long-Lasting Lip Gloss" I love the color selection and it is more opaque than other glosses and for a long wear gloss it isn't sticky. $2.99 via Ulta

3. Jordana Mascara via Walgreens Stores $2.99

4. Suave Professionals Keratin Shampoo via Walgreens.  This will help you cut down on drying time and make your hair super smooth plus it smells amazing. $3.49 via Walgreens

5. NYX Single Blush Powder in the color Mocha. It brings life to the face and you only need a little because this color really goes a long way. $4.79 via Ulta

*prices may vary by stores and online* 


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

E.L.F. $2 Polish

Hey Beauty Faces,
I just wanted to write a little initial reaction to the E.L.F. nail polish I found at my Target store. I saw them sitting on a display when I walked by the makeup aisle I saw all the pretty fall colors on display.    I picked out a smokey grey with a purple undertone (smokey brown).  I applied it yesterday over a base coat as I do with all my polishes and it went opaque in 1 coat but just for extra insurance I applied a second coat. The color was creamy and shiny all on its own.  I'm hoping the staying power is there because if it is they beat out any high end nail polish that I have tried.  I am a nail polish person I have a huge basket  full of polish so I've tired quite a few brands.  Lately I have really been loving the drug store brands like Revlon Color Stay Polish, Loreal, and now ELF.  What I have tried from Sally Hansen has been streaky or too sheer so I can't say they are a top brand at the drug store.  The best part about these polishes are that they are all under $5 at my Target.  It's a nice treat to yourself .  Happy shopping!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Kate's Boudoir Shoot

 Just some pictures of Kate, when we did her boudoir shoot. She is so curvaceous it makes these sexy shots easy to get. Her shoot was originally going to be an outdoor set but due to rain we had to work indoors. The house we did these at was absolutely gorgeous and we were lucky to be able to shoot there.
For her makeup I used NYX HD foundation, NYX Matte but not Flat Powder, a natural pink blush and the POP Natural Palette. We applied liquid liner to Kates upper lash line and did a little kohl liner on the bottom water line. She has semi hooded eyes so I wanted to make sure we left the eyes looking very awake and open. We also applied false lashes and used Loreal Mascara to top them off.  I loved that we even got a few shots of her playing in the rain in a black sexy number.  These shoots are always fun and we had such a great time with Kate.

Enjoy ;) 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Such a bad blogger

I've decided I'm in no way cut out for blogging daily, weekly, and now even monthly. It is sad really I just can't keep up with it even though I love sharing with you all about makeup and skincare. Perhaps I'll add a lifestyle section to this blog. I think I need that, I feel like I can only write so much interesting things about make up, skincare, and jobs.
      Anyway here's the latest on things. First of all since I last "blogged" I've done a Boudoir shoot and a wedding both for the same person. The bride to be, Kate was so lovely to work with, she was one of those clients that I just bonded with. I'm being corny yes very corny. Pictures to come with that in my  next post because I'm blogging from my iPad and the pictures are saved on my computer and I'm being lazy.
      Next, is a quick update on my coconut oil and lemon juice toner. I'm still using it twice a day and I'm still very much in love. It keeps my skin happy which in turn keeps me very happy.  I haven't suffered  a breakout since I've used it continuously and now I feel like I will always use it because it's easy to make and seems to be one of those things that works for me.
Another thing, which isn't makeup related but more health and fitness related is that I have reached my weight goal of 110lbs. I actually reached it awhile ago but I haven't blogged in so long that I haven't had the chance to share my happy accomplishment! It's just in time for my 26th birthday.
      Which brings me to my last thing, getting a little older and a lot wiser. I'm turning 26th on the 10th and I know most consider that very "young" but I've now been married almost 3 years and my baby is not a baby anymore.  I feel like I went from very care free to a lady with lots and lots of
responsibility. I've learned lessons this year about running a business and about how to decide what is a true passion and what is just an interest. I've accomplished goals this year that I don't think I ever could have before. I learned what it is to take care of my body for the long term and not just for a couple of weeks. It's been a good year for me all and all which is why I am excited about my upcoming birthday. I wonder what the next year will bring.

Anyway aside from all those things I thought about doing some makeup tutorial videos to post here on my blog. I'd love feedback on that. I wouldn't mind doing tutorials and things as long as my voice doesn't come off as "annoying" and I'd have to find a good spot to possibly film these videos.

I'd like to thank everyone who supports my very small business and everyone who reads my blog even if I am a "bad" blogger. <3 <3

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Halfway Update

Hey Everyone,
Today, I am about half way through my one month experiment for my homemade dark spot corrector.  I am very much loving this stuff with my dark spots over 50% faded compared to the first day! I know I don't have pictures because I forgot but trust me this recipe works. I suppose if you catch the scar when it is red and new it is easier to fade but I love the over all appearance of my skin. The coconut oil I added has natural cleansing properties and has helped rid my skin of any blemishes. The overall appearance is very clear and I have been able to enjoy wearing little makeup.  If you want to see the recipe check out the post called "Dark Spots".   I'll make sure to post another update at the 1 month mark :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Making It Work

Hey Everyone,
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I know mine was pretty busy. I had to run from a birthday party to photo shoot. Oh and then there was a storm that kind of knocked our outdoor boudoir shoot off its hinges.  We had planned to shoot outdoors on a palette bed making it extra romantic and sultry but then the storm came and we had to move it indoors. Fortunately we found a beautiful home location for our gorgeous lady to have her shoot. In the past we have done these shoots in doors and I don't think I have ever worked on one where the sun was actually shining. The overcast and rain does provide for some beautiful light though.

The hair and makeup was done in our signature soft and sexy way that I like to do for most of our boudoir shoots with Caught You on Camera showcasing a soft and sensual side to boudoir.     The makeup was soft and simple for the first few looks and then changed it up adding a little black to the outer corners and black liner and false lashes for a "bedroom eyes" type look. We really loved playing around with a different eye makeup look to complete a more seductive photo.  We kept the hair simple with waves and keeping it somewhat messy but not unpolished.  I think my client was actually very surprised at all the touchups we were going back and doing.  When you see the pictures they look effortless but when you are there you realize that everything is much deeper.  There are a lot of touch ups, fixing hair and makeup, making sure you look your very best from all angles. I also feel like I am there as a little bit of a cheerleader, encouraging my clients to not be shy and making sure they feel comfortable and confident.  You really see a person transform and get over their nerves in the progression of the shoot.

We had rain that day and just making it work was an understatement.  The weather really wasn't working in our favor. It wasn't raining at the house we were at and it just seemed to be gloomy so we had to make some rain with garden hose and sprayer to really capture a great "playing in the rain" moment. The maid of honor actually sprayed her which I am sure was a really fun moment for the both of them. We had a really great time working on this shoot, I felt like we really overcame a lot of weather complications and produced the best work we could.

Unfortunately, these images won't be up for viewing until after her wedding as they are a gift to the groom.  As soon as I am granted permission of some images I will be sure to share them.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mini Haul + Update

Hey Everyone,
I wanted to just share with you a mini haul of what I have bought in the last couple of weeks.

First are 3 Revlon ColorStay Nail Polishes in the colors Coastal Surf, Fall Mood, and Cafe Pink. 
I absolutely love these polishes, they stay pretty and unchipped a full 7 days with base coat and top coat. The are opaque in 1-2 coats, and they can easily be removed with nail polish remover (you would be surprised how many polishes are tough to remove even with nail polish remover). 
Next, I bought a Rimmel Black Automatic Eye Liner, this is basic and I like how smooth and creamy this one applies also it is water proof and once it has set for 60 seconds it doesn't budge. In the 60 seconds though you can smudge it out for a smokey look.  
Lastly, I bought the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, this one is a repurchase, but I really enjoy it because it just makes your legs flawless.  I have some scares and blemishes hear and there and they get completely covered with this stuff leaving skin looking healthy and glowing. It isn't a self tanner it washes off in the shower but it helps when you have an event to go to or are wearing a leg baring dress ( you can use it all over the body incase you were wondering).  
These are all the beauty items I have recently purchased and I am really loving them. <3

Also a few little updates: I recently posted about a DIY Dark Spot Corrector I have been using it day and night and although I haven't noticed any fading in the past couple of days my skin looks a lot brighter and the redness that I usually carry seems to be calming.  I hope that the spots eventually fade but it is nice to see brighter skin. 
Next, very little update I have finally ordered my Beauty Faces business cards (again).  The first time I ordered they were put on back order because they weren't making that print anymore and then I never got around to reordering more. However, finally I have ordered more and they are perfect! 
Last, I have a fun boudoir shoot coming up and I am so excited rumor has it is this shoot is outdoors!!!!! seriously that is amazing.  =)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dark Spots

Hey Everyone,
First of all, have you seen my recent giveaway posts on facebook? If you haven't definitely check it out! Everyone likes free right? 
Moving right along to the point of this post. I have seen lots of Pinterest pins lately on DIY dark spot corrector and one of them I was very interested in trying.  I have dark skin and it scares so easily.  If I have a blemish that I merely touch it will scar up.  While watching the Olympics I decided I would whip up a batch. Most dark spot correctors that are sold at the makeup counters range from $49-$125 without any guaranteed results. I have heard amazing things about the Kiehl's Dark Spot Corrector which retails for $49.50.  That is honestly the low end of these correcting products without going to the drugstore brands. However, I have heard some great things about Garnier Dark Spot Treatment it retails for $16.50. I think that it just depends how easily your skin will take to these products and how regularly you apply them. Sometimes my skin can really look clear as day but I have to sit in the sun for awhile with/or without sunscreen. In my busy days I don't really have a lot of time for sitting.  When I saw the DIY Dark Spot Corrector I jumped right to it, I would really love to get rid of these spots and wear less makeup. Don't get me wrong I love makeup but I want it to be optional not a requirement.  

Juice of 1/2 of a lemon
4 TBS plain organic (real) yogurt
1 egg white 
Stir together and apply to the face avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Pat dry and apply moisturizer. 

If you have dark spots and want a cheaper alternative try this recipe and let me know how it works for you. Keep in mind you may not see results until after 4 weeks when cell turnover has occurred. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Facebook Giveaway

Hey all, I have teamed up with Designs By Wives to do a Facebook Swap Giveaway! I am super excited about this since it is my very first give away and if this one is successful I will be doing a lot more of them.  The give away is to reach 200 followers so please be sure to share the original post with all your friends.  Also check out Designs by Wives on Facebook,  Brittany is simply amazing with jewelry, crafts, home decor, you name it and she can do it. She has also just created an Etsy shop under the Designs By Wives name so be sure to check that out as well! Also when you look at her page be sure to "like" and share her post about the give away with your friends and you could win free "date night makeup" with me. The "date night makeup" is only open to Madison/ Huntsville AL Residents so if you are in the area and wish to win please check her page out!!

Thanks all for the support :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Are YOUR lashes Real?

Hey Everyone,
How is everything going this morning? Well as the title implied I get this question a lot like almost every other day someone asks me if my lashes are real? I usually just laugh and say yeah they are mine coated with a couple coats of good mascara. The truth is my lashes when I wake up don't look like anything spectacular but after using a lash curler and mascara they look long and full.
Let's dive into mascara for a minute, I for the most part only use drugstore mascara's because what I believe is that most mascara formula's are the same it is really the brush that matters and since the drugstore brands come out with so many different mascara's there is bound to be one that works well for me and still at an $8 and under price.  Any mascara priced over $8 is bordering on too expensive for drugstore because then you think well I could buy this drugstore brand or I could buy this high end brand for just a few more dollars.  I personally like the synthetic, plastic type brushes the big fat ones basically I like Cover Girl Lash Blast.  I used to use Max Factor 2000 Calorie Extreme Mascara.  For me this was the best mascara ever made and then it was discontinued and no longer sold in stores in the US. When they went 70% off at ULTA I bought 6 of them but that was 3 years ago. My lashes are long but aren't as thick as I would so I could really build a full yet long lash with that mascara so it was my favorite. Lash Blast however is very similar.  If you have short lashes I would try Almay's Get Up and Grow Mascara.  It is a dryer formula and you can build longer fuller lashes.  Unfortunately,  there really isn't a good way to figure out which mascara is actually right for you without trial and error.  After hearing about how great Loreal Voluminous Mascara was I decided to give it a try and it turns out that mascara is too wet of a formula and doesn't work very well for me. I've tried a lot of mascara's but I have been going back to Lash Blast.

Next, You need a great eye lash curler, I like the Shu Umera lash curler or the Tarte one.  These tend to be wider and can fit all of  your lashes into the curler giving you a full lifted look. I always heat mine a little because I feel like I get more curl that way and I apply just a little mascara to the ends before curling because that gives some hold to the curl. I don't keep my lashes pressed in the eye lash curler for long just kind of pulsing it all the way up the lash this ensures your lash doesn't crinkle.  Then I apply a couple coats of mascara.

This is the way I do my own lashes and it works for me I prefer not to do false lashes unless it is a special occasion or I want a dramatic look.  False lashes can weaken your natural lash leaving them sparse and I would rather build up my own lashes.  However, if you still would rather go the falsies way there are some great options I like the demi lashes which is just a half lash that you apply to the ends. Also anything that is crisscrossed looks very natural.  I prefer the Revlon glue that has a wand for precision.  It get the perfect amount of glue on the lash band without an clumps of glue. I think Kiss came out with a similar lash glue.  Lastly if you want a longer lasting look perhaps look into lash extensions.  These can run about $150 a set but they last about  3-4 weeks when you will need to get them "filled" again which is usually about $70.

Lots of options for lashes but for everyday I go the natural route since I was blessed with pretty nice lashes.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Health and Fitness

Hey Everyone,
Recently, I have had a lot of questions about health and fitness.  Clients asking me if I think that health and fitness coincide with beauty.  My answer has been YES, ABSOLUTELY.  Perhaps I am being a little biased because I am kind of a health nut and if you know me you will know this about me but since some of my readers don't actually know me then there I said it.  I have been on both sides of the fence with health and fitness I have been very unhealthy which led to my skin looking more on the dull side, my attitude was less upbeat and I always looked tired even if I wasn't. Then after I had my daughter and had a ton of baby weight to lose I started a diet (low carb/low sugar).  I'm still on this "diet" but I refer to it as a lifestyle change. I don't go around with oh I can't eat this or that I say oh look what I can eat and believe me there is a lot. I follow a food blogger that I trust completely she has opened my eyes to so much and I don't plan on ever going back to processed foods and chemicals. I eat almost everything organic which has been great for my family as well.  I lost a lot of weight on this "diet" but honestly that didn't really change the way my body felt.  I still felt like I was missing something and then one day my food blogger, blogged about exercise and circuit training and that was in January and ever since I have worked out every day M-F at the same time.  I have always had an aversion to working out like I loathed and despised it and refused to do it unless I actually had to.  I don't like gyms, I don't like the heat, and my allergies get bad in the spring. However, in January I made a pact with myself that I was going to workout everyday M-F at the same time for 21 days to make it a habit in my life. I did just that, I didn't skip a day during the week and would give myself 2 days off on the weekend. It worked, working out daily has added so much to my life. The number one thing is confidence.  I feel so much stronger mentally and physically. My skin is way more even and I look rested when I wake up.  I project a more positive outlook through the day and I have a lot more patience.  I feel like you can't just do one or the other it is really the combination of both diet and exercise that achieve the best YOU, which translates to beauty. I have told a lot of clients when they ask about botox, skin fillers, wrinkles and all sorts of things that before they make their appointment try eating organic and NO TRANSFATS, limit sugar and carbs and create a balance that is right for your body, drink water and lots of it and lastly try exercise for 21 days at the same time and see how you feel after a month.  This will keep you looking younger longer than botox or any other chemical you inject into your body especially if you start a healthy lifestyle early in life.
I'm not perfect there are days when I simply don't want to get moving and I take that time to just rest I know when my body is telling me I am going to fast and have too much going on but I always pick it right back up after a day of rest.  I'm not a nutritionist and I am only expressing what works for me. :)

Have A Beautiful Day 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

BB Cream/ Neon Trend

Hey Everyone,
I have two things for you today the first being that I am working on a great formula for making your own BB cream. Which is kinda wonderful because except for the $40 Smashbox one I can't find a good one that I actually like and is not a tinted moisturizer.  What I did was mix 1 pump of my regular NYX foundation and then a half pump of my tinted moisturizer, a little of the NYX Shine Killer, and finally a little concealer. I personally have all these products on hand and I'm not typically oily but I chose to put the Shine Killer in the mix so I wouldn't need to set the "BB Cream" with a powder. It has worked really well for me and since I had everything on hand there was no need to spend any extra money.  Do you ever play around with your makeup to see if you can create something that works for you? Well I do this A LOT.  You never know what you might come up with and every other BB cream is just a repackaged tinted moisturizer so why not give my own concoction a try.  It's good and I would love to know if you have come up with anything you love all on your own.

My second thing really has nothing to do with makeup at all it is more of a fashion interest.  I love clothes and fashion in general and perhaps I am not the most fashionable person ever but I really enjoy reading the blogs and seeing whats current. A couple of weeks ago I saw a lot of posts with neon colors thrown in with neutrals and I thought it was just the greatest thing ever.  I thought wow now this is the way to do a trend all neutral and classic pieces and then a trendy piece thrown in.  I decided I would like to partake so I found some neon shorts at Target on the clearance rack (in the kids dept).  In women's clothes I wear a size 2 which converts to about a size 12-14 in kids.  The Jr dept also had neon shorts but they were so short they looked ridiculous and the kids sizes have longer inseams! YES it all worked out perfectly :) the highlighter pink shorts were mine and now I am obsessed. I paired them with a blue and white striped shirt and brown sandals and a brown bag. It really made the neon look way more polished. I bought a yellow pair at the thrift store that were similar to the ones I got from Target and I am so excited to wear those as well.  Are there any trends that you thought you would never follow but then found yourself falling in love?  

Well thats all...Enjoy your Saturday :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

4th of July Look

Hey Ladies,
Here in Alabama it is insanely hot like record setting hot. For most people that work inside they haven't really had to endure this heat through the week until they leave work to get into the car. Since the 4th of July is on a Wednesday this year I know that a lot of people are going to be celebrating this weekend at outdoor BBQ's with friends and family. I want to walk you through a few steps to keeping yourself looked party ready and put together during this very hot season.

First of all when thinking about makeup you should always begin with a sunscreen. I would recommend an SPF 30 or higher.  I would apply a light weight primer to keep on any foundation that you want to apply. In the summer I know it is very hard for me to apply a heavy foundation so if you are like me then you can go two ways; the first way would to create a very dewy look with a tinted moisturizer, cream blush, and a light powder on the T-zone.  The other way you could go is using matte products such a BB cream that has a matte finish (Smashbox BB cream) matte blush, and the press and roll method with a loose powder to soak up any excess makeup and ensuring staying power. The reason I like the dewy method is because if you are going to be outside you will be sweating glistening so your makeup will still look intact even if you are glistening because your makeup already puts off a dewy finish. The other matte route will also work if you don't "glisten" much out in the heat and this will also keep you looking flawless. Make sure to use the press and roll method with a mattifying powder to ensure the staying power. Either option is up to you and your preference.  Now that your face is put together you will need to choose a nice eye and lip look.  For the more dewy look, first apply an eye primer so that you don't seat off your eye shadow.  I would use a shiny gold shadow or a cream shadow topped with a powder shadow of long wear.  Using a waterproof black eyeliner to define the top and possibly bottom of your eye and a water proof mascara. I usually don't recommend waterproof but with as hot as it has been outside the last thing you will want is black eye makeup dripping down your face.  For a matte look start with a primer and then using a champagne shade in the inner corner and a taupe shade all over the lid to give definition without looking too made up for an outdoor BBQ.  I would top the upper lid with a black waterproof eyeliner and a couple coats of water proof mascara. For your lips I would choose a Revlon Kissable Balm Stain, these are just simply awesome, when you first put them on they give off a little shine but then as you wear them and eat and drink the shine goes away but you still have a little color stain left on the lips which will work well with either a matte or dewy look. I would also consider choosing one of the brighter colors because I have noticed that these will leave more color on the lips after the shine has gone. I actually am fond of the red shades and being that it is Independence day a nice red would really finish the look.

Now one last thing because I want you to have a complete look.  Hair is important when thinking of an entire Independence Day look. If you style your hair to wear down and you are going to be outdoors about 15 minutes after you arrive at a BBQ most likely your hair will be a big mess and will be nicely piled on top of your head in a big messy bun thing. Well why not style your hair up to begin with.  I am no hairstylist but a nice side braid or a pretty pony will surely do the trick to beat the heat. I would definitely check out Kate from the she has super awesome styles and video tutorials on exactly how to accomplish any of her hairstyles.

I hope everyone enjoy's their 4th of July BBQ's, parties and fireworks. Please be safe and remember to drink responsibly :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let's Try This Again

Ahh my week has been rather crazy but on Monday I sat down and wrote out a little post about different things and makeup I had been trying and all sorts of little ramblings about life and well when I went to push the publish button the post was conveniently inconveniently deleted, never to be seen again.  It was a truly sad moment as I have been finding it very hard to post lately! 
Anyway lets move on to the more important things in life MAKEUP! You know that fun little thing that you get pure enjoyment out of everyday. Hmm maybe. This summer I have been very guilty of not applying makeup 5 of the 7 days out of the week. If I am going out with friends or just feel like getting myself looking nice then I obviously apply. I have as of late been having a real problem applying foundation, concealer, eye liner, shadow, and powder and I think it has to do with the fact that it is 100 degrees here in Alabama. If I do apply something it is usually just Tinted Moisturizer which has been working well for me. I do like my NYX foundation but I really think that is better saved for winter and if they could do something about all the fragrance in their products that would be great!
I have had a pretty busy month I must say it seems like more people are needing my makeup services and have been telling their friends which I really appreciate very very much because without clients I wouldn't be able to enjoy working so much.  Last night I did a tutorial class with three women who were interested in a Real Housewives inspired look of course only one of them wanted all the drama the other two preferred a toned down Housewives look so I was more than happy to tailor the makeup to each of their personalities. They were really awesome to teach and they seemed to really get the looks and how to apply it later on themselves which is the key of a whole tutorial.  I am still wanting to have more classes but I want to figure out the best way to teach them. I want people to have the knowledge but also feel like they can really do the steps to create the look. I'm sure the perfect way to accomplish this is by trying out different styles of teaching and see what the best way is.

In other news I have found a couple of products that I have been really loving and they are drugstore well Ulta I have never actually seen them in a real drugstore but Essence is a great brand and they have a wonderful Gel Eye Liner for $2.99 that is beyond wonderful it stays on and it lasts oh and it flake so it won't irritate your eyes, the one I have is jet black and its beautiful on.  The other product is also by Essence and it is a cream shadow it is called Copy Right and it is a bronzed color that I have really been enjoying under a bronzed powder shadow (LOVE).   I got the latest Ulta advertisement yesterday and there is a whole lot of drugstore brands coming out with BB creams and I can't wait to try them out. I tried the Garnier one but not long enough to give it a good review the simple truth is that is wasn't for me.  It was very shiny almost and it has way too much fragrance that irritated my skin.  I think it looks very pretty in the packaging but it wasn't a true BB cream which is supposed to actually offer more coverage than a tinted moisturizer and also dry down to more of a matte finish.  I am hoping the new ones by Maybeline and Loreal are good. I would like a drugstore version of the Smashbox BB cream without the $40 price tag. That is a lot by my standards for a light weight foundation.  Also in September one of my favorites Bare Minerals will be launching a new foundation  (they hate the f-word).  I am almost positive it will be pressed and better for travel but I'm not sure it will be a better foundation some of the "Ready" products aren't as good as their loose counter parts.  I really like the matte foundation and I may go back to it once I'm done using up some of the other foundations I currently have. I will hope for the best since I really do like Bare Minerals and a pressed foundation would be a lot easier than the loose stuff.

Well thats all the new stuff I have for today, I am really hoping to schedule some more great clients for July and have an equally busy month.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello Friends,
I must say it has been way too long since I have posted. You know how when you get back from vacation your routine before vacation is all of a sudden ruined well thats how it has been around my house times 3. Anyway it took me awhile to finally get back into the swing of things and I must say I am still not all the way back. Right now my workout is taking a backseat to getting a blog post up and cooking/baking for the week. I never like to skip a workout but there just aren't enough hours in the day sometimes.
 Moving on, I have been really working hard the last couple of weeks with different clients and it has been wonderful I missed working and I always love to meet new people and experiment with different styles.  Last weekend I had this fabulous mom that wanted to do a refresher tutorial and it was awesome it was more like hanging out with a girlfriend then work and I hope she learned a lot as well! Which then gave me an idea of having a class possibly at my house where I would teach a 1 hour course on the basics of applying makeup for the busy mom or even busy professional. I see all the time where photographers offer classes for moms who just want to learn how to use their DSLR cameras so why not do the same thing with makeup. I can't tell you how many times I see mothers out at the store or in public and they look so sloppy but honestly makeup and putting yourself together doesn't have to require an hour of your time. In a few minutes you could look polished and tidy. I'm thinking about doing that class maybe later in the summer if I get a good response, it would also be great for back to school and how to get yourself out the door quickly.
I also worked on a couple of other lovely clients on Saturday one in the morning then one in the evening with a child's birthday party in between. I am telling you I know secrets to making the most of my time. I'll be back to posting regularly as things are calming down and we are able to relax more. 

Working on Michelle's Bridesmaid makeup. She makes my job easy with that gorgeous skin. 

This picture of me and Evelyn was from the birthday party we went to in between my clients

This lovely couple had a photo shoot with Caught You On Camera 
and I was very excited to do Jennifer's makeup for her pictures. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Patent Leather and Lace Pictures

Hey Everyone,
A little over a month ago I posted about a boudoir shoot I worked on with Caught You On Camera and what fun it was and today I have images from the shoot. I was so excited to get them as they were a surprise to her new husband which is why I couldn't share them with you earlier. All the pictures came out so beautiful and if you follow me on Facebook then you have probably seen a few of them. As you may remember I was inspired by January Jones' Marie Clair cover. I was also very excited to see that everything came out beautifully and so classic of Caught You On Camera's style. 

Like what you see and want to schedule a boudoir shoot contact Whitney with Caught You On Camera. You can find her on Facebook or visit her website

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Monday, May 7, 2012

A picture is worth a 1000 words

Finally, I am getting around to posting these pictures of Megan Cotton's wedding! I had such a great time with this bride and all of her bridesmaids. Whitney @ Caught You On Camera took some excellent pictures. I really like the ones of my brushes too very good for future promotional use.