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Friday, June 29, 2012

4th of July Look

Hey Ladies,
Here in Alabama it is insanely hot like record setting hot. For most people that work inside they haven't really had to endure this heat through the week until they leave work to get into the car. Since the 4th of July is on a Wednesday this year I know that a lot of people are going to be celebrating this weekend at outdoor BBQ's with friends and family. I want to walk you through a few steps to keeping yourself looked party ready and put together during this very hot season.

First of all when thinking about makeup you should always begin with a sunscreen. I would recommend an SPF 30 or higher.  I would apply a light weight primer to keep on any foundation that you want to apply. In the summer I know it is very hard for me to apply a heavy foundation so if you are like me then you can go two ways; the first way would to create a very dewy look with a tinted moisturizer, cream blush, and a light powder on the T-zone.  The other way you could go is using matte products such a BB cream that has a matte finish (Smashbox BB cream) matte blush, and the press and roll method with a loose powder to soak up any excess makeup and ensuring staying power. The reason I like the dewy method is because if you are going to be outside you will be sweating glistening so your makeup will still look intact even if you are glistening because your makeup already puts off a dewy finish. The other matte route will also work if you don't "glisten" much out in the heat and this will also keep you looking flawless. Make sure to use the press and roll method with a mattifying powder to ensure the staying power. Either option is up to you and your preference.  Now that your face is put together you will need to choose a nice eye and lip look.  For the more dewy look, first apply an eye primer so that you don't seat off your eye shadow.  I would use a shiny gold shadow or a cream shadow topped with a powder shadow of long wear.  Using a waterproof black eyeliner to define the top and possibly bottom of your eye and a water proof mascara. I usually don't recommend waterproof but with as hot as it has been outside the last thing you will want is black eye makeup dripping down your face.  For a matte look start with a primer and then using a champagne shade in the inner corner and a taupe shade all over the lid to give definition without looking too made up for an outdoor BBQ.  I would top the upper lid with a black waterproof eyeliner and a couple coats of water proof mascara. For your lips I would choose a Revlon Kissable Balm Stain, these are just simply awesome, when you first put them on they give off a little shine but then as you wear them and eat and drink the shine goes away but you still have a little color stain left on the lips which will work well with either a matte or dewy look. I would also consider choosing one of the brighter colors because I have noticed that these will leave more color on the lips after the shine has gone. I actually am fond of the red shades and being that it is Independence day a nice red would really finish the look.

Now one last thing because I want you to have a complete look.  Hair is important when thinking of an entire Independence Day look. If you style your hair to wear down and you are going to be outdoors about 15 minutes after you arrive at a BBQ most likely your hair will be a big mess and will be nicely piled on top of your head in a big messy bun thing. Well why not style your hair up to begin with.  I am no hairstylist but a nice side braid or a pretty pony will surely do the trick to beat the heat. I would definitely check out Kate from the she has super awesome styles and video tutorials on exactly how to accomplish any of her hairstyles.

I hope everyone enjoy's their 4th of July BBQ's, parties and fireworks. Please be safe and remember to drink responsibly :)

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