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These are the questions I get asked most so I decided to put them here just incase you may have the same questions. 

Q. What do you consider local? 
A.  I call Huntsville, AL home but I will travel within a 30 mile radius without an additional fee for travel.

Q. What type of makeup do you use? 
A.  I use a broad spectrum of makeup from high-end to more affordable brands. I've tested the best and use what I really think works.  

Q. How long have you been in the beauty industry? 
A. I have been in the beauty industry since 2007 and I have owned Beauty Faces since January of 2012

Q. Are you exclusively bridal and photography? 
A. No, I specialize in bridal and photography makeup, but I am available for a full range of services. 

Q. Do you apply false lashes for your clients? Do I need to purchase them? 
A. I apply false lashes to most of my clients, it is a case by case basis and your desire to wear them.  I will traditionally purchase them based on the clients eye shape, eye size, and face structure.  However, if you have a particular pair of lashes that you would like to wear, you may bring them with you and I can apply them for you. 

Q. Do I need to let you know if I have cosmetic/ latex allergies? 
A. YES,  please let me know of all cosmetic and/or latex allergies upon consulting with me.  I would like to offer you the best service with the best products for your skin.  

Q. What should I do if I have active acne breakouts before I have a service with you? 
A. Please treat all acne breakouts according to your healthcare professional's instructions. Please let me know what state your skin is in, dry, combo, oily.  I can cover most acne breakouts with foundation and concealer.  Additionally my brushes are washed and throughly cleaned before ever touching your face to prevent the spread of bacteria.  All cosmetics are also throughly cleaned with sanitizing cleaning spray as well as alcohol to prevent the spread of bacteria. 

Q. Do you have an official website? 
A. No, I am currently working on getting one set up but it is a work in progress. Right now you can view my work here on the blog or via facebook at  

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