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Friday, August 9, 2013

Current Obsessions

Current Obsessions

Hey Beauties,
It has certainly been awhile, I was really trying to keep on top of this blog posting business but I have been so busy that when I do have a little free time, I want it to be just that FREE.   I thought I would give you a little post on my current obsessions, these are all products that are pretty new to my collection but I have been so happy with their performance with my clients that I needed to share. 

Lets just start with the Batiste Dry Shampoo, it is currently my very favorite because it does not give that white cast on brunettes and it smells so amazing! It is a must try for everyone.  

MAC Pro Longwear has been a staple in my collection for awhile but I just bought a few new colors for my clients after seeing how beautifully it works under the eyes. It does not crease on anyone, ever? yeah EVER even on mature skin! 

Naked Basics is just one of those pallets that everyone should own, really everyone should have a set of neutral matte shadows.  These shadows are soft and buttery and very highly pigmented. They also photograph beautifully! 

MAC lipsticks, when you try one you will instantly become obsessed! I love all the different finishes all though the cream and amplified formulas are my favorite.  Also this is silly but I like the weight of the tube. 

Up&Up (Target Brand) Maximum Strength Benzyl Peroxide for acne spot treatment.  This is my absolute favorite spot treatment. I have very sensitive skin and this product clears up even a cystic pimple over night! I highly recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin with occasional spots.  

Benefit Professional is amazing for people with large pores or if you have fine lines.  I don't use this all over the face but more of a spot primer usually around the nose where large pores are more common. This also seems to color correct a bit with the peach undertone.  

These products are all great and if you are interested in trying some new things this is what I recommend.  I use these items in my professional kit so they have been tested on multiple skin types and skin tones.  They work so well that I had to let everyone know! 

<3 Amanda 

Bits and Bobs:
1. Last weekend I went on a friend's bachelorette trip, so much fun! 
2. I have been talking with so many different photographers and clients this week excited for all the things to come! 
3. What is your favorite high-end foundation? I'm looking into additional foundations for my professional kit. 
4. In August I am doing girls night out makeup specials yay! 
5. Just saw the preview to Jungle Gold...hmm looks intense! 

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