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Monday, July 29, 2013

Boudoir Session/ Wreck the Dress Session Recap

Hey Beauties,
I've had a crazy weekend with a boudoir session on Saturday, and a wreck the dress on Sunday.
I love shooting boudoir sessions especially at The Winchester Manor over in New Market.  They have a beautiful little cottage just perfect for boudoir.  The girls over at *Caught You On Camera and I always have a wonderful time making shots look effortlessly gorgeous but with the upmost effort. You know those looks that say "oh I just woke up this way" are the hardest to create, you don't want perfect makeup but more of an undone "done" look.  It is crazy and I know our clients always think wow it really isn't easy being a Victoria Secret Model. Lots of "arch your back", "suck in your tummy", "stick out your booty" now do all of that at the same time without looking like you are straining or over thinking it all.  It really is so much fun though and the images get more and more gorgeous as the shoot progresses.  It is like the girls find their sexy about 15 minutes into the shoot. They get all the gitters out and just start working what their momma gave em!

* for more info on Caught You on Camera
I took this with my camera phone at the shoot!
Our client is giving these sexy pictures as a surprise gift to her hubby. 
On Sunday, I went out to a farm in Somerville to do a "Wreck the Dress" session with *Connie Wise Photography.  I did the makeup at Anna's wedding and after the wedding she asked me to do the makeup for her "Wreck the Dress" shoot.  She told me it was going to be on a farm and I had no idea what I was really in for but I really loved it out there.  It was like a petting zoo full of animals like snakes, raccoons, gerbils, and of course horses.  The owners of the farm were so awesome, it was like hanging out on an episode of Duck Dynasty.  I had a ton of fun and I really want to go back there, I even pitched the idea of hosting photo shoots in their barn area because it is so awesome and perfect for the rustic themed shoots. for more info on Connie Wise Photography 

They were trying to get the horse to move but she was just too stubborn

Anna pulled her dress up because she was so hot,
we were waiting on the horses to move.

Holding my little snake friend 
I've got a busy week a head so you can keep up with my via facebook .

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