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Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunday Reading

Hey Beauties,
I spent all day Sunday reading a new blog that I am absolutely in LOVE with it is called MaskCara. To say that she is a blogger genius is maybe an understatement.  She has a great way of really sucking you in because she is just so darn relatable.  I feel like we could be best friends which is probably why I have been so hooked on her blog.  She wrote something that I thought rang so true with me the way she goes about buying new products which is EXACTLY the way I do it.  She said that when she hears about a new product she researches it thoroughly, reads reviews, and then goes to Sephora to test it out, then gets a sample to take home then tries it as long as a sample will last and then if she really feels like she can't live without it then she will return back to the store to buy it.  This is my process,  I have never been able to buy anything expensive haphazardly ever.  I get buyers remorse almost instantly if I just throw money away on a product that I'm not sure about.  Do you go through this same process? I thought I was the only girl in Sephora ever asking for a sample and reading a million reviews.  When you finally do buy the product and then maybe it isn't what you want, do you return the item? I always do if it isn't exactly what I was looking for even after all the trying.  The way I see it products are expensive and if it isn't exactly the perfect thing for me then I'm wasting the money I could have spent on something better suited for me.  My absolute favorite thing is to find collection sets or pallets because if it has one item that I know I want and then you get to try out a lot of different other products for the price you would pay for the one product you wanted.  QVC often has special values that are so nice because of all the products you get to try,  you don't have to tune into the demo all you have to do is jump on their website and order...kinda nice eh?

Anyway after reading all day yesterday I find myself wanting so many different and new products that I had never really looked into before.  After hearing such amazing things about Stila's In the Light Palette it is definitely jumping to the front of my list of products to test out.  It looks perfect for bridal so that is a big bonus.

check out Maskcara at it really is worth the read!

<3 Amanda

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