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Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Independence Day + Setting Goals

4th of July
Hello Beauties,

I hope you all had a beautyful 4TH! It was very rainy and not all that nice in general here in Alabama. We still managed a lot of relaxing, doing as little as possible, and having a great time with our family.  I originally had a whole makeup and outfit look planned out that I was going to post a picture of on facebook but because of the rain I decided not to go with it. I do plan a makeup haul soon, and I'm counting down the days until my new hair extensions get here, I ordered from, they are shipping from the UK so they take a little while to get to me but I had the time to wait.  I'm sure you will be hearing a lot about these in future posts, I hope it is good things!

Also on the 4th my husband and I set a few personal goals or just goals in general, how we want the next six months until the end of the year to go.  Last year he was working toward a career change and you know it happened last November and I remember mine was to incorporate harder workouts into my daily routine and I started and completed P90X.  This year we decided to do the same sort of thing as we were having breakfast we were discussing where we would like to be by the end of the year, my husband is studying for a big IT certification and he's hoping to take the test by the end of the year.  It is a big test that takes six hours to complete so it is a big undertaking but he hopes to be ready by November.  Then he asked me what my goal was and I thought about about it for .5 of a second and said I would love for Beauty Faces to become full time, build it into my career because it what I really love and it provides me with the flexibility to be with my daughter.  I absolutely love working with my clients, I feel honored when they have chosen me to be apart of their wedding or for a photography session.  It is such a special feeling when you are with the bride moments before she walks down the aisle and she's so happy to be starting a new life with the man she loves.  I love being there for all of that, and if I could enjoy that moment for the next 20 years I would be more than happy to do so.  Therefore,  my goal is to work harder, gain more clients, and build my business up even more.  This summer has been amazing so far and I just want to keep up the momentum.  I know if we work hard enough our goals will become reality.

Do you set goals on the 4th? What are some of your goals you have set for yourself?

Have a Beautyful Day! 

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