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Monday, July 8, 2013

Streak FREE Nails

streakfree nails
Hello Beauties, 
How was your weekend? Mine was lovely and very relaxing. I picked up a few of those eyeliners from the Ulta sale.  While I generally enjoy Ulta their employees are sometimes hard to handle, they are a little on the gruff side, have you experienced that at Ulta? Anyway I like my eyeliners so I'm happy about that.  

On with today's post, I was recently reading MakeupbyTiffanyD's blog and she wrote about how to achieve streak free nails with those lighter color nail polishes.  I find that even the best white, pale pink, and lavender nail polishes always get streaky and no matter how many coats you put it just never looks completely opaque even with a base coat.  MakeupbyTiffanyD suggested putting one coat of your light color nail polish then one coat of a Matte Top coat wait a few seconds and apply a second coat of polish and finish with a fast dry, high shine top coat.  The matte coat seems to keep the streaks away without effecting the high shine.  I tried it out and it works so wonderfully,  you can use whatever matte top coat you choose.  If you want to try it out with a cheap option try NYC Matte Me Crazy,  it works just as well as the Essie brand and it is only $1.72.  I love the way this looks, you would never know they weren't done professionally. 

Do you have any nail tips/tricks that make your DIY manicure easier? 

To see the full blog post over on MakeupbyTiffanyD go here: 

Have a Beautyful Day! 

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