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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Would you rather?

Would you rather?
I thought this would be just a fun post to do.  I think it may have been a tag awhile back but I haven't seen anyone do it in awhile so I thought this would be a good revival.

Imagine if you could only have one item over the other which would you choose?

1. Would you rather have foundation or concealer?

2. Would you rather have mascara or eye liner?

3. Would you rather have eyeshadow or an eye brow powder (pencil)?

4. Would you rather have blush or bronzer?

5. Would you rather have lipstick or lip balm?

6.  Would you rather have primer or moisturizer?

7. Would you rather have brushes or disposable sponges?

8. Would you rather have finishing powder or setting spray?

9. Would you rather have a hair brush or a hair tie?

10.  Would you rather have sunscreen or self tanner?

Now these are my answers, I hope you'll play along and leave your responses in the comment section!

1. Foundation, I can pack on foundation a little heavier in areas I need it more.

2. Eye Liner,  My lashes are long and black so I prefer eyeliner to add definition.

3. Eye Shadow, although that one is tricky for me since I don't like the sparse areas on my brows.

4. Blush, I'm tan enough (hehe)

5.  Lip Balm,  I can't stand for my lips to feel dry.

6. Moisturizer, I rarely need primer so it is something I can live without.

7. Brushes,  Sponges are great but I like to wear mineral makeup and I would need a brush for even application.

8.  Setting Spray, it really helps your makeup to last a long time and doesn't get cakey.

9. Hair tie,  I think I can rake my hair with my fingers but I don't know if I could deal with my hair in my face on those bad hair days.

10. Sun screen,  I really like to protect my skin against the harsh summer sun.

Bits and Bobs 
1. Singer Electric scissors are pretty amazing. 
2. Is anyone having trouble leaving a comment via mobile device? 
3. I keep seeing loads of pregnant women, they all look so cute + new babies are always awesome.
4. How are you beating the heat? Personally I've been relaxing indoors. 
5. Hot rollers are so good on second day hair when you want to be lazy. :) 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why You Should Hire a Makeup Artist

Do you have a big event coming up? wedding? special photography session? Well I'd like to cover the reasons why you should hire a makeup artist for these occasions.  Most people think the day of their special occasion they will be cool as a cucumber and be able to do their own makeup and hair without missing a beat.  Lets just say that when you want to look absolutely flawless we get so nervous we end up forgetting a crucial step and not looking our best. Lets face it, unless you are really great with makeup and hair it is worth going the extra mile on special occasions.

Lets cover special events first, what type of event are you going to? Themed Party or Wedding? In these types of events you want to have your makeup match the event.  If you are going to be attending a 20s inspired wedding you may need to dress the part.  You may not have the skills to recreate a 1920's flapper look but a makeup artist will have the knowledge, skills, and education to create the perfect look customized for you.

Choosing the right makeup artist can be a bit tricky, you want to choose the right artist for your personal style and personality.  I always suggest having several e-mail conversations, and having a trial with the artist before your big event. By having a trial you can test out the makeup artist's skills and get to know each other, for brides this is a MUST. I advise having a trial at least one month in advance. One month in advance is still enough time to find another artist incase you don't quite mesh with the person you've had a trial with or if you'd like to try a different look for your big day.  In a trial you must give the artist the chance to express her creativity with all of your ideas combined.  If an artist is unwilling to consider an idea without explanation, you may not be happy on your big day, but an artist should always try their best to work with you.

Get it in writing! After the trial and the bride or client decides she wants to hire me on for her big day I hand her an extensive contract so that we both know what is expected of each other.  We both sign and any additional ladies also having makeup done with me also sign a waiver for cosmetic allergies and photography.  My contract protects both my client and myself that way no matter how many e-mails have been exchanged we can both refer to this one document for what exactly is expected from both of us.

Although trials and hiring an artist can be expensive unless you are very skilled and won't be stressed doing your own makeup it is worth the expense to hire out.  Your makeup artist will help to calm you on the big day, be there to touch you up when you get emotional, and be there for your bridesmaids if you/they so choose.  In all of my weddings I offer a full days service complete with touchups so that everyone looks completely polished and cohesive.

Examples of brides I have worked on below. If you are interested in my services for a special event or wedding please contact me at

Some of my lovely brides 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

10 under $10 at the drugstore

10 under $10 at the drugstore

Hey Beauties, 
As you may know I love drugstore products there are so many drugstore products that are just as good or better than the high-end brands.  Here is a little list of my favorite little gems from the drugstore. 

(Left to right) 
1. Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner, these liners are smooth and creamy and the color selection is fabulous. 

2. ELF Eye Lid Primer, why spend lots of money on an eye lid primer when this $1 primer works just as well as Urban Decay.  

3. Maybelline Color Tattoo,  These long wearing crease-free cream shadows make the perfect base for eye shadows or wear them alone for a gorgeous metalic look. 

4. Ardell Demi-Wispies Lashes, These lashes are beautiful and they blend so well with your natural lashes. 

5. Covergirl Stay Fabulous Foundation is an amazing product that reminds me a MAC foundation except better. 

6. Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara, this mascara builds volume and length and is simply amazing. 

7. NYX Lip Butter Gloss, this has the moisture of a balm and the pigmentation of a lipstick. 

8. Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Palette, These shadows are so pigmented at an amazing price this palette is under $5. 

9. Maybelline Master Drama eye liner,  this eyeliner is so universal from lining your lid to your waterline it is perfect for achieving that dramatic, deep black line. 

10. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder,  Although the packaging isn't my favorite I love this powder it has a flawless finish, doesn't get cakey, and really lasts on the skin. 

I hope you try out some of these products they are simply amazing to say the least.  


Monday, June 24, 2013

Easy Lip Combo

Easy Lip Combo

Lip balm kinda girl? Think lipstick has too much color for you?

Here is a little trick to going outside of your comfort zone with color but still staying comfortable and feeling like yourself.  Pick up a pigmented lip liner, I like the Jordana lip liners found at Walgreens.  Line your lips and fill in a little then apply a lip balm or gloss over the top.  You will have a great color and it will ease your way into color without going over the top. I do this a lot with brides that are scared to go outside of their comfort zone with a lipstick.  A little color can go a long way in completing your perfect look, so don't be scared to try it out after all it is just makeup!