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Saturday, July 14, 2012

BB Cream/ Neon Trend

Hey Everyone,
I have two things for you today the first being that I am working on a great formula for making your own BB cream. Which is kinda wonderful because except for the $40 Smashbox one I can't find a good one that I actually like and is not a tinted moisturizer.  What I did was mix 1 pump of my regular NYX foundation and then a half pump of my tinted moisturizer, a little of the NYX Shine Killer, and finally a little concealer. I personally have all these products on hand and I'm not typically oily but I chose to put the Shine Killer in the mix so I wouldn't need to set the "BB Cream" with a powder. It has worked really well for me and since I had everything on hand there was no need to spend any extra money.  Do you ever play around with your makeup to see if you can create something that works for you? Well I do this A LOT.  You never know what you might come up with and every other BB cream is just a repackaged tinted moisturizer so why not give my own concoction a try.  It's good and I would love to know if you have come up with anything you love all on your own.

My second thing really has nothing to do with makeup at all it is more of a fashion interest.  I love clothes and fashion in general and perhaps I am not the most fashionable person ever but I really enjoy reading the blogs and seeing whats current. A couple of weeks ago I saw a lot of posts with neon colors thrown in with neutrals and I thought it was just the greatest thing ever.  I thought wow now this is the way to do a trend all neutral and classic pieces and then a trendy piece thrown in.  I decided I would like to partake so I found some neon shorts at Target on the clearance rack (in the kids dept).  In women's clothes I wear a size 2 which converts to about a size 12-14 in kids.  The Jr dept also had neon shorts but they were so short they looked ridiculous and the kids sizes have longer inseams! YES it all worked out perfectly :) the highlighter pink shorts were mine and now I am obsessed. I paired them with a blue and white striped shirt and brown sandals and a brown bag. It really made the neon look way more polished. I bought a yellow pair at the thrift store that were similar to the ones I got from Target and I am so excited to wear those as well.  Are there any trends that you thought you would never follow but then found yourself falling in love?  

Well thats all...Enjoy your Saturday :)

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