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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let's Try This Again

Ahh my week has been rather crazy but on Monday I sat down and wrote out a little post about different things and makeup I had been trying and all sorts of little ramblings about life and well when I went to push the publish button the post was conveniently inconveniently deleted, never to be seen again.  It was a truly sad moment as I have been finding it very hard to post lately! 
Anyway lets move on to the more important things in life MAKEUP! You know that fun little thing that you get pure enjoyment out of everyday. Hmm maybe. This summer I have been very guilty of not applying makeup 5 of the 7 days out of the week. If I am going out with friends or just feel like getting myself looking nice then I obviously apply. I have as of late been having a real problem applying foundation, concealer, eye liner, shadow, and powder and I think it has to do with the fact that it is 100 degrees here in Alabama. If I do apply something it is usually just Tinted Moisturizer which has been working well for me. I do like my NYX foundation but I really think that is better saved for winter and if they could do something about all the fragrance in their products that would be great!
I have had a pretty busy month I must say it seems like more people are needing my makeup services and have been telling their friends which I really appreciate very very much because without clients I wouldn't be able to enjoy working so much.  Last night I did a tutorial class with three women who were interested in a Real Housewives inspired look of course only one of them wanted all the drama the other two preferred a toned down Housewives look so I was more than happy to tailor the makeup to each of their personalities. They were really awesome to teach and they seemed to really get the looks and how to apply it later on themselves which is the key of a whole tutorial.  I am still wanting to have more classes but I want to figure out the best way to teach them. I want people to have the knowledge but also feel like they can really do the steps to create the look. I'm sure the perfect way to accomplish this is by trying out different styles of teaching and see what the best way is.

In other news I have found a couple of products that I have been really loving and they are drugstore well Ulta I have never actually seen them in a real drugstore but Essence is a great brand and they have a wonderful Gel Eye Liner for $2.99 that is beyond wonderful it stays on and it lasts oh and it flake so it won't irritate your eyes, the one I have is jet black and its beautiful on.  The other product is also by Essence and it is a cream shadow it is called Copy Right and it is a bronzed color that I have really been enjoying under a bronzed powder shadow (LOVE).   I got the latest Ulta advertisement yesterday and there is a whole lot of drugstore brands coming out with BB creams and I can't wait to try them out. I tried the Garnier one but not long enough to give it a good review the simple truth is that is wasn't for me.  It was very shiny almost and it has way too much fragrance that irritated my skin.  I think it looks very pretty in the packaging but it wasn't a true BB cream which is supposed to actually offer more coverage than a tinted moisturizer and also dry down to more of a matte finish.  I am hoping the new ones by Maybeline and Loreal are good. I would like a drugstore version of the Smashbox BB cream without the $40 price tag. That is a lot by my standards for a light weight foundation.  Also in September one of my favorites Bare Minerals will be launching a new foundation  (they hate the f-word).  I am almost positive it will be pressed and better for travel but I'm not sure it will be a better foundation some of the "Ready" products aren't as good as their loose counter parts.  I really like the matte foundation and I may go back to it once I'm done using up some of the other foundations I currently have. I will hope for the best since I really do like Bare Minerals and a pressed foundation would be a lot easier than the loose stuff.

Well thats all the new stuff I have for today, I am really hoping to schedule some more great clients for July and have an equally busy month.


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