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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Making It Work

Hey Everyone,
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I know mine was pretty busy. I had to run from a birthday party to photo shoot. Oh and then there was a storm that kind of knocked our outdoor boudoir shoot off its hinges.  We had planned to shoot outdoors on a palette bed making it extra romantic and sultry but then the storm came and we had to move it indoors. Fortunately we found a beautiful home location for our gorgeous lady to have her shoot. In the past we have done these shoots in doors and I don't think I have ever worked on one where the sun was actually shining. The overcast and rain does provide for some beautiful light though.

The hair and makeup was done in our signature soft and sexy way that I like to do for most of our boudoir shoots with Caught You on Camera showcasing a soft and sensual side to boudoir.     The makeup was soft and simple for the first few looks and then changed it up adding a little black to the outer corners and black liner and false lashes for a "bedroom eyes" type look. We really loved playing around with a different eye makeup look to complete a more seductive photo.  We kept the hair simple with waves and keeping it somewhat messy but not unpolished.  I think my client was actually very surprised at all the touchups we were going back and doing.  When you see the pictures they look effortless but when you are there you realize that everything is much deeper.  There are a lot of touch ups, fixing hair and makeup, making sure you look your very best from all angles. I also feel like I am there as a little bit of a cheerleader, encouraging my clients to not be shy and making sure they feel comfortable and confident.  You really see a person transform and get over their nerves in the progression of the shoot.

We had rain that day and just making it work was an understatement.  The weather really wasn't working in our favor. It wasn't raining at the house we were at and it just seemed to be gloomy so we had to make some rain with garden hose and sprayer to really capture a great "playing in the rain" moment. The maid of honor actually sprayed her which I am sure was a really fun moment for the both of them. We had a really great time working on this shoot, I felt like we really overcame a lot of weather complications and produced the best work we could.

Unfortunately, these images won't be up for viewing until after her wedding as they are a gift to the groom.  As soon as I am granted permission of some images I will be sure to share them.

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