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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Everyday/ Photography Natural Eye Tutorial

This is a great eye look for photography and everyday, it gives the eye dimension without looking over done.  I used matte and satin shadows with just a couple of shadows with a hint of shimmer to give your eyes that perfect look for photography.  I used browns because most people look great in neutrals but you can do this same technique with any other color. If you have questions please ask I'd be happy to answer all your questions.  If you like these types of tutorials I'd be happy to do more or film them.

Products you will need: light matte shadow, medium beige shadow, chocolate brown shadow, cool or warm toned brown matte shadow,  liquid or gel liner, eye brow powder/wax, mascara,  eye lash curler.
Brushes: 1 small shader eye shadow brush, 1 small detailing eyeshadow brush, blending crease brush, pencil brush, blending brush.

Pop Bronzing Eye Palette  
closer image of the matte/ satin  shadows I used.
 Bare Minerals Eye Primer, Apply this all over the eye before getting started.
 Take a medium fluffy blending brush and apply the light matte cream shade all over the lid up through the crease and on the brow bone.
 Picture of the light shade applied on lid, through crease and up through brow bone.
 Take a beige shade and apply with shader brush through the crease creating a defined but subtle crease.

 Then using a shimmering white shadow and a small detailing shadow brush pop a little of the white shimmering shade into the inner corners of the eyes.
This white shimmering shade adds light to the inner corner making you look more awake and rested.

 Apply the satin chocolate brown shade with a crease blending brush.  Take this color from outer corner to the outer 3rd of your eye.

 The satin chocolate brown helps to define the crease without adding shimmer.
With a pencil brush take a deep cool toned or warm toned matte brown and concentrate shadow on the outer corner of your eye.
*no photo, but blend with fluffy blending brush to soften any harsh lines*
 I used a liquid liner (you could use a gel liner) and lined my top lash line.
 I created a slight wing on the outer corner just to give my eyes some definition.
 I lined my bottom water line with Paula Dorf, Baby Eyes Eye Liner, to give me a more awake look.
 I took a small smokey liner brush to line my bottom lash line. I didn't want a defined line so I chose this brush for the smokey effect.
 The eye should look defined but not shimmery.  The camera pics up shimmer and gives a flash back so if you use all shimmery shades your eye will look 1 dimensional 
 I used E.L.F.  eye brow wax and powder to shape my brows which is a must for framing the face.
 Brow is nicely filled in without looking drawn in.

Curl lashes, add your favorite mascara (I didn't use my favorite, but it was ok) and then finish the rest of your face with satin finish foundation, matte cheek color, matte bronzer for contouring, finishing powder, and lipstick.


  1. Curious...what brand of shadow did you use?

  2. The ones here are POP(Bronzed Pallet) and Revlon color stay.