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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hey ya'll remember me?

Hey Everyone, 
It has been forever since I have posted anything actually my business was pretty dormant in the fall and winter since I've been busy with other aspects of life but I love having work in the spring and summer for the "busy" season.  Anyway I know it's awful I'm a part-time business owner/worker.  

Anyway,  we have to talk mascaras today! I pretty much always use drugstore mascaras because they are good and not too expensive. My lashes are long and have a natural curl so they are kind of ideal and so almost any mascara will work for me.  However, there are formulas that I prefer and ones that I can live without.  I used to be obsessed with Cover Girl's Lash Blast, when it was first released, then I wanted to try other things so I moved on but recently I've come back to Lash Blast.  Has the formula of this mascara changed? Maybe I've changed? I'm so confused I used to love it and now I'm like this stuff never comes off no matter how much makeup remover I use.  I'm thinking of going back to Loreal Full Definition or the Revlon Grow Luscious.  Those both give great volume and actually come off at the end of the day without leaving a waxy coating on my lashes.   Have you tried Lash Blast? I'm just not that into it, anymore.  What is your favorite drugstore mascara? 

I want to post a tutorial on makeup for photographs very soon and I'm now offering tutorials via Beauty Faces on Bare Minerals or your favorite mineral makeup or light weight foundation. The mineral tutorials focus on getting the best coverage and using the right brushes for application.  If you are interested in booking a tutorial email me at 

You'll be hearing from me again soon! 

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