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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

NYX Yellow Color Corrector

Hey Everyone, 
I mentioned on my Facebook page a week or so ago that I had just bought the new NYX HD Color Corrector in Yellow. After using the product for over a week and on several different skin types I am ready to share my review of the product with you. 
When I saw this product in Ulta a month ago I was just a little skeptical even though I always enjoy NYX products. I had previously tried the Physicians Formula Mineral Color Correcting Concealers and really didn't like them so when deciding if I should try this one out I was a little unsure. I purchased it anyway considering if you purchase at Ulta and don't like the product you can return it even if you have used it. 

First off, the Yellow color corrector is intended to brighten up the under eye area if you have bluish under eye circles, and covers mild redness. I used this on a multitude of skin tones during my product tests and on myself. I found it work well for so many different skin tones and really highlight the face even on lighter skin tones. On myself it gave me a great Kim Kardashian glow that you always see on her. If you are going for that glowing look and have light/medium to tan skin this will really work great on you. (For the same look on very pale skin try a pink undertone corrector and for dark/deep skin try an orange corrector).

I additionally used this corrector as a highlight to see how it would look. I dotted the product on my forehead, nose, and chin. It really gave a lot of light to my skin. Usually when you use a highlight it has a lot of shimmer and that can look somewhat unnatural  if not applied correctly. This yellow corrector doesn't contain shimmer and when blended with your foundation gives a very natural glow. I recommend the NYX Yellow Corrector for anyone wanting to conceal blue tone under eye circles or get a great high light. Remember thought that with any corrector or concealer it does have to be set using a translucent setting powder otherwise it will be a mess on your face. Also you should blend this product in using a sponge or brush. I use a Sigma Precision Round Brush  and a light handed stippling motion to blend in concealer and corrector under the eye area and a Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Brush for blending corrector and foundation all over the face using a stippling and buffing motion. This provides an airbrushed type finish.

This product gets my seal of approval. If you have further questions please leave comments below.

* This is an honest review and all the statements and opinions are my own.  I nor Beauty Faces is affiliated with any of the above mentioned brands and I purchased these products with my own money. :) 

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