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Thursday, April 12, 2012

ELF Products Review

Hey Everyone,
I went to Target about 2 weeks ago and decided to pick up a few ELF products for review.  I picked up the eyebrow powder, HD powder, black liquid liner, makeup setting spray, and an ELF brush. These products are very inexpensive so they are perfect for college girls or if you are just watching your beauty budget. I have really been a fan of the line for awhile now but I never got around to trying these products and as more of the line is being sold at Target I can really try a lot more from them.  I picked specific products to see if they could be considered dupes for high end products from name brands like Smashbox, Makeup Forever, Urban Decay and Sigma.  

I am happy to report that all of the products really passed the test for dupes I am especially happy with the brow powder which I consider a great dupe for Smashbox Brow Tech and Anastasia's brow powder and wax. The Elf Studio brow powder and wax really kept my brows looking great all day. I purchased the medium shade and it is a great shade for brunetts and maybe dark blonde.  The powder actually comes in 4 shades for different hair colors but Target only had the medium which I found to work great even with my dark brown hair. This is a great buy for $3 you can't go wrong. 

The ELF HD Finishing Powder I found to be a great low cost dupe for the Makeup For Ever HD powder. While the ELF Finishing Powder isn't 100% Silica like the Makeup For Ever HD Powder it is one of the main ingredients and I didn't find it to show up even on my tan skin. I felt this product was great if not better than the Makeup For Ever powder. The ELF Studio Packaging tends to be very big and bulky leading you to believe you get more product. They compare in amount of product rather well though the ELF powder has .28oz of product and the Makeup For Ever powder contains .35oz of product. The ELF powder is $6 compared to the Makeup For Ever powder that is $30 or the trial size that is $15. I found the ELF HD powder to be a big bang for your buck.

The next product I tried was the ELF liquid black liner.  If you like Urban Decay's liquid liner you will really love these.  They don't come in a lot of colors but everyone needs a basic black liner for a winged look. I was pleased that this liner didn't have a felt tip instead it is the old brush kind which is more precise and applies more product to give you are really great thin line.  I prefer my liquid liner to be wet looking instead of matte and also to last a long time without flaking or smudging.  This one did everything perfectly. This wonderful black liner was only $1 so if you are in Target any time soon pick it up and try it out I know you will really like it. I had to also try the ELF Makeup Setting Spray because I have been looking for a dupe for Urban Decay, All Nighter.  I mainly want a dupe because the Urban Decay setting spray is $12 and that is for 1.7oz of product the large bottle is $30! That is a little expensive for this girl so I have been looking for something comparable and I do think that ELF has a good comparable product with their setting spray it was $3 for 3.5oz of product and it contained some of the same ingredients as the Urban Decay spray.  I felt like it did a great job of setting my makeup and with the Tea Tree extract it helped keep my face feeling fresh.  Perhaps not my favorite ELF product but for what it is, it works well!

Lastly, I want to mention the ELF brush I tried.  I usually use Sigma Brushes, in my opinion I think they are pretty awesome and they have a wide range of brushes that are also priced well.  I consider myself to be pretty picky about brushes I don't really like brushes that shed or are skimpy on the hairs.  I have a couple different sets that I use for different things.  I wanted to try out the ELF brushes because who could say no to spending just a $1 on a Detail Brush. I was a little skeptical but I found that the brush I purchased is pretty great. It is the Small Concealer Brush however, I don't like to use that to apply concealer I like to use it for applying a tiny bit of shadow to my inner corners and tear duct area to really open up my eyes and making me look more awake.  I didn't stop there though this brush also works great as a liner brush and smudging brush. The brush is made of synthetic hairs just like any other concealer brush and the hairs don't shed.  I was really impressed with this brush and I will be trying out some of their other face brushes to see if they work just as well.

I was very happy with all my ELF purchases I may have spent about $15 on all the products and that is really nothing for makeup products. I am looking forward to trying more from this line and see what new things they come up with. If you are in Target check this line out or if you like to buy online is their website. The prices are the same at Target as they are online.  The offer great prices and well pigmented products.  I never feel like these products are cheaply made or that they can't stand up to the high end brands.  I think that the more expensive brands should watch out for this line :).

Thanks for reading!


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