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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oxy Clinical Buyers Beware

Hey Everyone,
I felt the need to do a blog post on the Oxy Clinical Clearing Treatment product as it has completely burned areas of my face leaving them very swollen and irritated.
First, let me explain why I bought this product and if you have a similar skin type to mine you may want to steer clear of it.  I have normal to dry skin in the winter but when the seasons change it tends to get more normal to oily also it is normal to sensitive I usually get unwanted blemishes on my chin and cheeks. Since the blemishes aren't full blown acne I usually get a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment to clear up the spots quickly. Since I have had no problems with 5% benzoyl peroxide products in the past I decided to give this one a try.
I purchased the product after doing a little research to make sure it didn't have any ingredients that I would be sensitive to and it didn't have any. I used as the instructions intended, it tells you to not use any other acne products with it because that could cause redness and irritation. I made sure to not use any other drying products or anything for blemishes with it.  It also stated to avoid the sun or wear a sunscreen I decided to be on the safe side I would use this product at night before bed. I didn't have any reaction to it right away it didn't burn my skin or feel itchy. However, when I woke up in the morning I had red, blotchy, swollen burns on my face where I had applied the treatment. I will say that my skin is normal to sensitive and the product clearly says on the front that it is gentle for everyday use. It was not until I looked at the fine print of the packaging that says this product may cause redness, swollen skin, and irritation. WOW! so which one is gentle for everyday or so harsh it will burn your skin? I obviously now know the answer it is very harsh! I don't like to bash products because I am sure that for some people this would not burn or hurt their skin this way but if you have even the slightest bit of sensitivity you should not use this product. Additionally, this line is for acne prone skin but I would not recommend this treatment for anyone with acne as their face is already red and inflamed this product would make the problem that much worse.
Currently, I have a skin calming face mask on to help bring back moisture to my very dry burns and help with the burning sensation and swelling. I hope to hear back from the company and see what they have to say since the packaging is very misleading to any average person picking up what they think is a "gentle" spot treatment. This brand also makes a 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Spot Treatment I would be terrified to see what that would do to someone with the least bit of sensitivity.  I guess there is risk in trying new products and this is par for the coarse but I am so glad I can bring you all my experience so that if you have skin similar to mine then you won't have to go through the bad experience. Oh and by-the-way yes my blemishes are now gone but very red swollen tender spots where they once were hmm not sure that was the result I was looking for.

I just received an e-mail back from the company it states: 

Dear Amanda,
 We acknowledge the receipt of your recent e-mail, and we regret that you did not find OXY® Clinical Clearing Treatment satisfactory.
 We would like to assure you that great care is taken in the research and development of all of our products, and throughout the manufacturing process rigid control standards are maintained to assure that each product meets quality standards set by The Mentholatum Company.
 It may be possible for you to be sensitive to any ingredient in this or any product. With the reaction you have had, we suggest you do not use this product again. Also, please check package labels before purchasing any other products containing these ingredients to ensure compatibility with the next product. 
 The Mentholatum Company guarantees its products and offers a refund for any unsatisfied customers upon proof of purchase.  For a reimbursement, please send your store-identified receipt to The Mentholatum Company, 707 Sterling Park, Orchard Park, NY  14127.

We regret this product was not compatible with your skin.


Well it was all very generic, I think a robot wrote this e-mail. I will be sending in my receipt though.  

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